The number of adult sports leagues available to Los Angeles County residents more than doubles any of the other cities we’ve highlighted. That means there is zero excuse not to get out there and play a sport.

With a temperate climate, mountains, beaches, and deserts all within a short drive, the city is your sports arena! The City of Angels and its nearby neighborhoods give adult residents an endless supply of sports options.

But instead of making you dig your way through a ton of websites to find an adult sports league in the Los Angeles area that’s right for you, Adults Play Sports has made it easy by putting together a list on your behalf.

You’ll get a short description, and you can get more details by linking to their listing in our directory from the list below.

Speaking of which, Adults Play Sports has a searchable online directory of adult sports leagues, trainers, camps, clinics, lessons, and tournaments (sort of like the Yelp of adult sports). Search by sport, location, gender, competition level, or other features, like LGBTQ, senior leagues, social leagues, and more.

Who says just because you’ve hit the adulting stage in your life, you should have to give up sports or be intimidated about starting a sport later in life? We think there’s no better time than now to get involved in adult sports in Los Angeles, and we’ll give you some guidance and highlight some adult sports leagues in the city you call home.

Things To Consider In An Adult Sports League

Born Competitor or Social and Sporty (Or Just Social)?

There are several factors to consider when picking an adult sports league. Are you looking for full-contact, hardcore competition? Or are you more interested in a social sports league where you can have fun playing a sport but also participate in social events like happy hours? Or do you not consider yourself much of an athlete, but you’d still like to do something sporty-ish?

There are all types of adult sports leagues that cater to different personas. Some leagues are ultra-competitive. But there are other leagues where socializing is just as important as actually playing a sport.

Social sports leagues usually arrange events beyond sports games, like happy hours or other networking events. These types of leagues tend to be good choices for the more casual athlete. A lot of social sports leagues offer beginner-friendly sports like cornhole, kickball, bowling, and dodgeball.

Additional Features You Might Want In An Adult Sports League

Some other things you might want to consider in picking an adult sports league that’s right for you are:

The great thing about living in Los Angeles County is that you’re more likely to find leagues with these types of features. Those adult athletes in South Dakota aren’t quite as fortunate when it comes to having as many options as you do.

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The List Of Adult Sports Leagues In (And Near) Los Angeles

Without further ado, here is the list you’ve been waiting for! Of course, this is probably not the complete list of adult sports options in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, but it’s a pretty darn good one.

  1. CLUBWAKA Los Angeles-21+ co-ed adult social sports league offers kickball, bowling, soccer, and more
  2. ZogSports-Co-ed social sports league offering kickball, soccer, softball, volleyball, and more in Central LA, Eastside, South Bay, and Westside
  3. Los Angeles Galaxy Adult Soccer Leagues-Indoor and outdoor soccer leagues for men, women, and co-ed players
  4. Los Angeles Rugby Club-Men’s and women’s rugby open to all skills
  5. Santa Monica Rugby Club-Men’s and women’s competitive and recreational rugby
  6. City of Lomita-Offers men’s basketball, including age 40+ option
  7. Los Angeles Co-Ed Soccer-Co-ed recreational soccer league
  8. LASportsNet-Co-ed adult social sports league offering basketball, flag football, kickball, and more
  9. Beach City Sports-Co-ed adult social sports league offering sports like basketball, beach volleyball, cornhole, and more
  10. Beverly Hills Adult Sports-Co-ed adult sports for all skills include baseball, basketball, flag football, kickball, and soccer
  11. City of Los Angeles-Adult sports offerings include baseball, basketball, soccer, and more
  12. The Cage Roller Hockey-Men’s roller hockey league for all skill levels; includes 40+ division
  13. National Masters Soccer League-Adult men’s soccer league; offers senior divisions
  14. Claremont Adult Soccer League-Men’s adult soccer league; includes senior divisions
  15. Los Angeles Rebellion Rugby-LGBTQ D3 men’s rugby club
  16. City of Malibu-Co-ed adult softball
  17. Pacific Coast Baseball League-18+ men’s intermediate/competitive baseball; fall and spring seasons
  18. Revolution Sports-Co-ed adult social sports league offers golf, volleyball, and more
  19. South Bay Sports-Co-ed and men’s adult soccer league
  20. City of Santa Monica-Adult softball, kickball, volleyball, soccer, and basketball
  21. Los Angeles Soccer Club-Men’s intermediate to competitive soccer club
  22. LA Kings Ice at Pickwick Gardens-Adult ice hockey and figure skating programs for all skills
  23. L.A. Villa F.C. Women’s Soccer-Adult women’s soccer ranging from age 18 to 60
  24. Atletico Espanol-Men’s adult soccer league in South Gate
  25. City of Santa Clarita-Adult leagues include ultimate frisbee, soccer, flag football, and more
  26. City of Long Beach-Men’s, women’s, and co-ed adult sports include baseball, basketball, kickball, volleyball, and more
  27. Southern California Amateur Baseball League-East LA/Pasadena to Rancho Cucamonga adult men’s baseball for all skills
  28. Hawaiian Gardens Recreation-Adult sports include basketball, futsal, soccer, softball, and more; includes men’s, women’s, and co-ed options
  29. DirectKix-6v6 men’s adult social soccer club
  30. Century City Ski Club-Adult social club that includes skiing, snowboarding, cycling, kayaking, and more
  31. Santa Monica Adult Soccer-Men’s and co-ed adult soccer league
  32. West Hollywood Soccer Club-LGBTQ adult men’s, women’s, and co-ed soccer league
  33. City of Manhattan Beach-Men’s and co-ed adult leagues include beach volleyball, kickball, pickleball, and more
  34. Ice Angeles Hockey League-Harbor City adult co-ed hockey league
  35. Sofive Rancho Cucamonga-5v5 and 7v7 adult soccer leagues
  36. Sofive Covina-5v5 and 7v7 adult soccer leagues
  37. Sofive Pomona-5v5 and 7v7 adult soccer leagues
  38. Sofive Southgate-5v5 and 7v7 adult soccer leagues
  39. City of Alhambra-Co-ed adult sports leagues
  40. Evolve Soccer LA-Adult futsal and indoor soccer with men’s and co-ed leagues
  41. Eagle Rock Rugby Club-So Cal’s oldest rugby club for men; welcomes beginners
  42. ULAX Los Angeles-Men’s and women’s lacrosse league
  43. Rhino Crash Sports Group-Adult tennis programs
  44. Hollywood Curling-Adult curling league at Pasadena Ice Skating Center
  45. 7’s Soccer League Rancho Cucamonga-Men’s and women’s 7-a-side soccer
  46. 7’s Soccer League Santa Monica-Men’s and women’s 7-a-side soccer
  47. 7’s Soccer League Sherman Oaks-Men’s and women’s 7-a-side soccer
  48. Southern California Cricket Association-Four skill divisions from San Diego to Santa Barbara, but primarily Van Nuys
  49. Premier League LA-Semi-pro men’s soccer league
  50. Belmont Shores Women’s Rugby Football Club-All skill levels women’s rugby club
  51. LA Cricket League-Adult men’s cricket league
  52. Belmont Shore Rugby Football Club-Men’s competitive and intermediate rugby club
  53. Venice Beach Volleyball Academy-Adult brach volleyball classes
  54. Santa Monica Co-Ed Beach Flag Football-Pickup adult flag football on Venice Beach
  55. Los Angeles Blades-LGBTQ men’s hockey league
  56. City of Huntington Park-Men’s and co-ed adult sports leagues
  57. Santa Monica Beach Volleyball-Age 19+ beach volleyball classes for all skill levels
  58. Beverly Hills Lacrosse Club-Competitive men’s lacrosse; post-collegiate players
  59. Pasadena Adult Soccer League-Recreational to competitive adult soccer league for men, women, and co-ed
  60. LAOUT-Adult ultimate frisbee leagues and pickup for all skills
  61. Santa Monica Sporting FC-Men’s competitive soccer club
  62. LA Kings Iceland-Adult ice hockey leagues at Paramount rink
  63. City of Palmdale-Adult basketball, softball, and volleyball leagues
  64. Dodgertown West-Men’s 30+ baseball league for all skills
  65. South Bay Volleyball Academy-Beach volleyball training academy
  66. City of Pasadena-Multiple adult sports offerings for men, women, and co-ed athletes
  67. Alumni Water Polo Club-Men’s competitive water polo club; primarily post-collegiate players
  68. Los Angeles Baseball Federation-Men’s semi-competitive baseball league
  69. Ronin Lacrosse-Men’s lacrosse league in Culver City
  70. La Alhambra Soccer League-Age 40+ men’s soccer league
  71. Westside Volleyball-Adult volleyball in Monterey Park and Alhambra
  72. LA Chill Women’s Hockey Club-Women’s travel ice hockey league
  73. Southern California Municipal Athletic Foundation-Offers adult sports like soccer, softball, and pickleball in So Cal
  74. Intercity Co-Ed Softball League of Southern California-Senior adult softball league for players age 50+
  75. Latin & American Men’s Softball League-Modified pitch men’s softball
  76. City of Azusa-Adult baseball, basketball, kickball, softball, and volleyball
  77. Huntington Beach Unicorns Rugby Football Club-Men’s D3 rugby club
  78. Pasadena Ice Skating Center-Adult ice hockey and figure skating, including hockey skills clinics for beginners
  79. Los Angeles Athletic Club Water Polo-Competitive men’s and women’s water polo in downtown
  80. Venice Japanese Community Center-Co-ed adult basketball and pickleball
  81. WeHo Dodgeball-Co-ed adult dodgeball
  82. San Fernando Rugby-Men’s and women’s semi-competitive rugby club
  83. Fast Action Basketball-Men’s adult basketball league for all skill levels
  84. Los Angeles Volleyball Organization-Women’s and co-ed volleyball league
  85. OutLoud Los Angeles-LGBTQ adult dodgeball, soccer, and more
  86. Half Tank Water Polo Club-Age 21+ competitive water polo club for post-collegiate players
  87. Angel City Sports-Adaptive sports for adults
  88. Foothill Water Polo Club-Men’s and women’s water polo club for all skill levels
  89. Rose Bowl Aquatics Center-Adult-based swim training program, including training for triathlons
  90. Small Goal Soccer Torrance-7v7 men’s and women’s soccer league
  91. California Street Hockey Association-Adult roller hockey leagues for men, women, and co-ed; includes pickup games and beginner clinics
  92. World Dodgeball Society-Co-ed and women’s adult dodgeball
  93. South Bay Peninsula Soccer League-Largest adult men’s soccer league in So Cal; competitive
  94. Whittier Recreation-Adult co-ed sports, including adaptive
  95. GLASA Women’s Softball-Women’s softball league for all skill levels
  96. Bell Gardens Recreation-Men’s and co-ed outdoor sports for residents
  97. Greater Los Angeles Softball Association-LGBTQ adult softball league for all skills in South El Monte; includes age 50+ division
  98. WNBGAY-LGBTQ pickup basketball in Highland Park
  99. El Segundo Parks and Rec-Men’s and co-ed adult sports include basketball, kickball, pickleball, and more
  100. City of Moorpark-Men’s and co-ed adult sports leagues for residents
  101. Dyke Soccer-Women’s LGBTQ pickup soccer league
  102. Lambda Basketball League-LGBTQ men’s and women’s bi-weekly pickup basketball
  103. Los Angeles Flag Football-LGBTQ co-ed adult flag football for all skill levels
  104. City of San Dimas-Co-ed adult softball
  105. West Hollywood Aquatics-LGBTQ swimming and water polo club
  106. The Rinks Lakewood Ice-Adult men’s, women’s, and co-ed hockey leagues for all skills, including clinics
  107. City of La Mirada-Men’s basketball leagues
  108. City of Torrance Recreation-Co-ed adult sports leagues
  109. Kinecta Soccer Center-Adult futsal leagues in Torrance

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Now that you have the lowdown on adult sports leagues in Los Angeles County, it’s time to get your game on!

Choose a league that gets your heart pumping, and remember–it’s never too late to #growupandplay. After all, in L.A., playing sports is just another way to live life to its fullest and still feel young at heart, whether you’re 25 or 75.

Did we miss a league on the list? Shoot us an email or drop a comment below, and we’ll update it! You can also add your league to our directory.