Advantage, Tennis: A New Spin On An Old Sport

A group of tennis players on the court

Like golf, tennis can be perceived as elitist—a country club sport meant for rich white people and not as accessible an adult sport as, say, pickleball. But perception isn’t reality. While pickleball is growing at a fast clip, the number of tennis players still eclipses the number of pickleball players. In fact, there are more … Read more

29 Baltimore Adult Sports Leagues: You’ll Want This List

Baltimore Harbor

If you’re an adult who’s feeling sporty in Baltimore, your city doesn’t disappoint. The Charm City and its surrounding areas give residents plenty of adult sports to choose from. So whether you feel like joining the pickleball craze, lacing up your hockey skates, or rounding the bases in kickball, we’ve got you covered. But instead … Read more

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