If you’re looking to play adult sports in the Detroit area, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever sport best suits you, the Motor City is sure to deliver. From racquet sports to winter sports to competitive team sports, your options are plenty, so read on and find out how you can shine as an adult athlete.

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Instead of making you navigate your way through a ton of websites to find an adult sports league in the Detroit area that’s your best fit, Adults Play Sports has made it easy by putting together a list on your behalf.

You’ll get a short description, and you can get more details by linking to their listing in our directory from the list below.

Speaking of which, Adults Play Sports has a searchable online directory of adult sports leagues, trainers, camps, clinics, lessons, and tournaments (sort of like the Yelp of adult sports). Search by sport, location, gender, competition level, or other features, like LGBTQ, senior leagues, social leagues, and more.

Who says just because you’ve hit the adulting stage in your life, you should have to give up sports or be intimidated about starting a sport later in life? We think there’s no better time than now to get involved in adult sports in Detroit, and we’ll give you some guidance and highlight some adult sports leagues in the city you call home.

Things To Consider In An Adult Sports League

Born Competitor or Social and Sporty (Or Just Social)?

There are several factors to consider when picking an adult sports league. Are you looking for full-contact, hardcore competition? Or are you more interested in a social sports league where you can have fun playing a sport and also participate in social events like happy hours? Or do you not consider yourself much of an athlete but still want to do something sporty-ish?

There are all types of adult sports leagues that cater to different personas. Some are ultra-competitive, but there are also leagues where socializing is just as important as actually playing a sport.

Social sports leagues usually arrange events beyond sports games, like happy hours or other networking events. These types of leagues tend to be good choices for the more casual athlete. A lot of social sports leagues offer beginner-friendly sports like cornhole, kickball, bowling, and dodgeball.

Additional Features You Might Want In An Adult Sports League

Some other things you might want to consider in picking an adult sports league that’s right for you are:

The great thing about living in Detroit is that you’re more likely to find leagues with these features. Adult athletes in the Yukon aren’t quite as fortunate when it comes to having as many options as you are.

The List Of Adult Sports Leagues In (And Near) Detroit

Without further ado, here is the list you’ve been waiting for! Of course, this is not the complete list of adult sports options in Detroit and its surrounding areas, but it’s a pretty darn good one.

  1. Detroit Rugby-Long-established rugby league with men’s and women’s teams, and a men’s senior league
  2. Detroit Ultimate Frisbee League-Beginner-friendly ultimate league
  3. Women+Soccer Detroit-Women’s and non-binary soccer league
  4. Playdemic Social Club-Adult recreational social sports club offers co-ed flag football
  5. Just Beer League Hockey-Adult co-ed casual non-checking hockey league
  6. Detroit City Futbol League-Adult co-ed recreational soccer league
  7. Detroit Volleyball Club-Intermediate and competitive adult volleyball leagues
  8. ComePlayDetroit-Organizer of social sports for young adults to include volleyball, basketball, and bowling
  9. Metro Detroit Softball League-LGBTQ+ co-ed softball league
  10. Detroit Curling Club-Men’s, women’s, co-ed, and senior curling leagues
  11. Detroit City Fieldhouse-Men’s, women’s, and co-ed soccer leagues
  12. Stay & Play Social Club-Sports and social club offers basketball, bowling, cornhole, and kickball
  13. Metro Detroit Flag Football League-LGBTQ+ flag flootball league
  14. Premier League-Men’s and co-ed indoor soccer in Macomb County
  15. Detroit Sports Club-Adult flag football
  16. Northwest Catholic Softball League-Men’s age 27+ competitive softball league
  17. ULAX-Men’s summer and winter field and box lacrosse league
  18. Impact League-Beginner-friendly women’s soccer league
  19. Stonewall Sports-LGBTQ+ social sports league offers bowling, cornhole, and kickball
  20. Detroit United Lacrosse League-Women’s lacrosse league
  21. Detroit Neighborhood Softball League-All skill level co-ed softball on Belle
  22. Michigan United Soccer League (MUSL)-Largest adult men’s soccer league in Michigan
  23. Detroit Tradesmen Rugby Club-Men’s D1 and D3 rugby club
  24. Neighborhood Club-Grosse Pointe club offers basketball, pickleball, and softball
  25. Michigan Sports Enterprise-Fraser-based recreational hockey program for adults
  26. Wyandotte Boat Club-Offers adult programs for rowing and sculling
  27. Hype Athletics-Fitness club offers basketball, volleyball, and soccer leagues
  28. Livonia Parks & Recreation-Offering adult sports like archery, basketball, golf, and pickleball
  29. Franklin Athletic Club-Athletic club offers tennis, swimming, and squash
  30. City of Huntington Woods-The city offers adults volleyball, golf, and tennis
  31. Garden City Parks & Recreation-The city offers ice hockey, pickleball, cornhole, and more
  32. Ferndale Parks and Recreation-Currently offers kickball to Ferndale residents

Not Sure What Sport Is Right For You? Take Our Quiz To Find Out.

Maybe you’re what we call sports-curious–intrigued by the idea of playing sports but not quite sure which is the right one for you. You can take our short sports quiz that will narrow down some well-suited sports for you based on your answers.

Motivation and Inspiration

If anything is holding you back from getting involved in adult sports in the growing city of Detroit, whether it’s intimidation, lack of training, or lack of motivation, Adults Play Sports has a robust blog to help. Our blog posts include everything from training tips to motivational stories from adult athletes from all walks of life.

We want to be your partner on this journey because we love sports! Plus, there are a plethora of mental, emotional, and physical benefits to playing sports as an adult.

Want a specially customized list of adult sports near you?


Now that you have the lowdown on adult sports leagues in Detroit, it’s time to get your game on!

Choose a league that gets your heart pumping, and remember–it’s never too late to #growupandplay. After all, in Motown, playing sports is just another way to live life to its fullest and still feel young at heart, whether you’re 25 or 75.

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Did we miss a league on the list? Shoot us an email or drop a comment below, and we’ll update it! You can also add your league to our directory.