Beer League Hockey: Take A Swig And Join The Fun

beer league hockey team posing

While beer leagues technically refer to any type of casual amateur adult sports league, the term is most often linked to hockey. So much so that there is even a dedicated Beer League Players Association for adult hockey enthusiasts. But what is beer league hockey truly all about–and do you really need to drink beer … Read more

Advantage, Tennis: A New Spin On An Old Sport

A group of tennis players on the court

Like golf, tennis can be perceived as elitist—a country club sport meant for rich white people and not as accessible an adult sport as, say, pickleball. But perception isn’t reality. While pickleball is growing at a fast clip, the number of tennis players still eclipses the number of pickleball players. In fact, there are more … Read more

Pickleball: Breaking Down the Rules of the Game

closeup of woman's hand holding pickleball and paddle

All the chatter about pickleball has piqued your interest, but now you’re wondering what the heck the rules of the game are. They sound a little confusing initially but are actually pretty easy to follow. So read on and we’ll break down the rules of pickleball in bite-sized pieces so you can understand them–and start … Read more

Beginner Athlete Guide To Adult Sports

a group of beginner adult athletes holding different sports gear

Feeling the urge to immerse yourself in adult sports but worried you’re too much of a beginner? Adult sports leagues are your playground, tailor-made for rookies like you. Whether it’s rugby, hockey, or a throwback to kickball or dodgeball, you’ll find no shortage of camaraderie and fun. Choose a sport that aligns with your fitness … Read more

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