Broken Mind. Unbroken Spirit: An Athlete’s Mental Health Story

Alex Wisch indoor rock climbing to battle mental health issues

Picture a ceramic bowl. While relatively strong, drop it on a hard floor, and it’s likely to break. That bowl is emblematic of a person dealing with mental health issues, like our featured adult athlete, Alex Wisch. Alex suffered debilitating mental health struggles throughout his life. Now, picture that same ceramic bowl, but put the … Read more

Networking+Soccer: Creating Opportunities

pitch on the pitch networking group photo nyc skyline in background

Some people like to talk about sports as a networking opportunity. Adult athlete Tim Frazier takes it one step further. He formed an adult soccer league with the sole purpose of combining sports with business networking. He calls it–what else but–Pitch on the Pitch. Networking With a Twist After 90 minutes on the pitch, the players gather … Read more

Too Many Sports? Not For This Adult Athlete!

Hiking trail with mountain in backgrounds and Cammas Freeman on the trail

Basketball. Golf. Pickleball. Hiking. Snowshoeing. For 48-year-old Cammas Freeman, age is no deterrent to playing sports. Her only deterrent is not having enough time to jam in all the sports she wants to play as an adult athlete. In addition to her sports activities, Cammas is the founder of a successful recruiting firm and the … Read more

Fast and Furious On The Track AND The (Soccer) Field

Some of us are born track and field athletes or soccer players. But for one woman, finding her niche in running as a teenager was serendipitous. Her venture into soccer at age 46 can be described as nothing but purposeful. If anyone thinks starting a sport later in life is impossible, the story of Kristy … Read more

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