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Pitch on the Pitch group photo

Some people like to talk about sports as a networking opportunity. Adult athlete Tim Frazier takes it one step further.

He formed an adult soccer league with the sole purpose of combining sports with business networking.

He calls it–what else but–Pitch on the Pitch.

Networking With a Twist

After 90 minutes on the pitch, the players gather for food and drinks, and everyone gets an “ask.” The ask can be anything from a recent college graduate seeking advice on answering job interview questions to someone looking for investors in their company.

The theory is that once you get sweaty on the field, the environment is more relaxed when you socialize afterward. By design, it allows people to feel less intimated pitching themselves than at a formal networking event.

“People are able to ask vulnerable questions, like resume advice or insight on their product,” says Tim. “I love that.”

One Small Idea With Big Outcomes

It all started last November when Tim’s friend was in town for New York Tech Week and suggested putting together a pickup game for others in town for the event.

The idea picked up steam. Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz publicized the game, and more than 200 players registered.

Tim quickly realized how powerful this could be. Now, he organizes weekly Pitch on the Pitch games that attract both skilled and non-skilled soccer players. 

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“There are some really good players, and there are some first-timers. There are men, women, people from different continents,” Tim describes. “There’s a lot of diversity, which is what I love about soccer.”

And it’s become so much more than just a game. Or just networking.

“It’s a way of creating micro-communities,” Tim explains. “I’m trying to bring people together in a different way.”

And it’s working. Currently, the games draw about 40 percent return players and 60 percent newcomers each week. This allows for fresh “asks” and fresh potential answerers.

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Conquer Your Fears And Join The Game

People in the NYC area who are interested in joining Pitch on the Pitch can sign up for games via the Conquer App, which is a sports app developed by one of the group’s fellow soccer players. Download the app, search for Pitch on the Pitch, and show up to one of the weekly games. (And if you can’t join Pitch on the Pitch, you can always search for another league in our directory).

Pitch On The Pitch Future Potential

Tim doesn’t officially track the outcome of the networking side of things, but he knows there have been many introductions to new people. That’s enough for him to keep it going and dream even bigger.

“I’ve had a lot of good feedback. It would be fun to spread the word and create a national soccer networking group,” Tim says.

Tim’s Sports Story

tim frazier group photo beach soccer
Tim Frazier at a beach soccer tournament (second from right, back row)

Pitch on the Pitch was a natural evolution for Tim, who’s organized other adult soccer and flag football leagues throughout his life.

A Michigander who lived in Indiana and North Carolina before making New York City home, Tim grew up playing soccer. By day, Tim works as a human resources business consultant and investor. 

Tim is the kind of guy who will dabble in just about any sport, from pickleball to flag football to swimming. But he calls soccer his first love.

A Family Affair

“My stepdad was a soccer player. He was born in 1935 in Germany and fled to Brazil. And my dad has a big background in terms of football and kicking field goals,” Tim shares. “Because of those influences in my life, I started playing soccer.”

Like many young athletes with big dreams, Tim aspired to go pro. He played club soccer for a year in Brazil as a goalkeeper. 

By the way, Tim shares the same name and slightly resembles one of the United States’ most well-known keepers, Tim Howard.

“Funny story. I was actually playing in Brooklyn one time and had a thicker beard and was a little more tan, and I heard some kids behind me like, ‘That’s Tim Howard!'” Tim recalls. 

He laughs as he finishes the rest of the story. “I go to kick a goal, and I slip, and the guy is like, ‘No, that’s not him.'”

Full Circle

From childhood through adulthood, soccer has been a constant in Tim’s life. After college, he continued to play in leagues and tournaments regardless of which state he moved to.

His stepdad has always been there to support him. Tim got to repay him when he won a work awards trip to Rome, and Tim took his stepdad. The highlight of the trip was attending a professional soccer match.

“One of my favorite things I was able to do was take my stepdad to see Roma play Lazio [in Rome],” Tim recalls.

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Tim’s Advice

pitch on the pitch indoor soccer action shot
Pitch on the Pitch game

Tim encourages anyone on the fence about playing sports as an adult to jump right off that fence because the rewards are endless.

“As you get older, you get more lonely. Some of the best friends you’ll meet are people you play sports with,” Tim says.

He continues, “It’s great to compete even if you aren’t that good. You meet other people who aren’t that good. But if you’re involved in an active way with people, you develop a deeper relationship and a better bond with people.”

If you want to learn more about Pitch on the Pitch, you can reach Tim at LinkedIn

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