Baseball Magic: Three Generations, One Team

Three generations of Carrillo men in baseball uniforms posing together on baseball field.

When was the last (or first) time you’ve seen six players on an organized adult baseball team span three generations of father-son duos? For men’s baseballer David Carrillo, this was a surreal and magical moment in his life. In 2019, David was 39 and played an adult league baseball game with his 61-year-old dad, David’s … Read more

Fast and Furious On The Track AND The (Soccer) Field

Kristy posing with track shoes and soccer ball

Some of us are born track and field athletes or soccer players. But for one woman, finding her niche in running as a teenager was serendipitous. Her venture into soccer at age 46 can be described as nothing but purposeful. If anyone thinks starting a sport later in life is impossible, the story of Kristy … Read more

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