If you’re an adult athlete or if you have one in your life, this list of 24 gadgets and gear is great for anyone with a sporty lifestyle. From the practical to the whimsical, you’re sure to find a gadget or new piece of gear you’ll need–or at least want.

Gadgets Galore To Make Any Adult Athlete Smile

These are the gadgets athletes will appreciate for their practicality or their ability to improve performance. Some are simple and affordable. Others are innovative and might stretch the budget. All are great additions to any athlete’s toolkit.

Ready? Here we go!

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1. App-Guided Sweat Patch

From the company that made a name for itself in proper hydration comes these nifty adhesive patches that will measure your sweat, loss of fluid, and loss of sodium. This will give you insight on how to properly hydrate during a sports game or a workout session. To use, stick the patch on your body, download Gatorade’s special app, scan the patch, and your personal statistics will show up in the app.

2. Bluetooth Speaker Lid

The Narhwal Speaker Lid is one of those genius inventions you probably didn’t know existed, but you’ll immediately want it when you learn about it. Do you ever bring a Bluetooth speaker to your sports games, tournaments, or other events? How about to the golf course or the pool? If you do, you likely also bring a drink tumbler at the same time.

With the Narwhal Speaker Lid, you can combine the two and have one less thing to carry–or lose. Keep your drink in hand while you enjoy bumping tunes out of the Bluetooth lid. Available in two sizes, the Narwhal Speaker Lid fits most standard drink tumblers you probably already have in your cupboard. This little lid packs a decent punch, is IPX6 water resistant, and you can even answer your phone on it. Sync additional lids together to create stereo sound.

The Narwhal website cites a range of about 40 feet, but we went further when we tried it. The lid also links to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can ask them to play specific songs. They still won’t refill your drink, though. We tried.

If you use the code adultsplaysports when ordering through their site, you’ll get an extra 10 percent discount.

3. H2O Audio Underwater Headphones

Underwater speakers are a gadget lover’s dream. H2O Audio has waterproof headphones for any sport where you might get wet–swimming, triathlon, surfing, paddleboarding.

H2O Audio headphones use bone conduction technology to create immersive sound–even underwater. Download your playlist and jam out while you swim, or connect via Bluetooth and stream live. Bear in mind that Bluetooth only reaches a max depth of about 4 feet underwater, so live streaming is for more surface-level swims.

4. Soccer Cleat Designed Specifically For Women’s Anatomy

Women’s sports have been around for a long time. Gear designed specifically for us has not. Whereas other soccer boot designers use a man’s foot mold to design cleats, then shrink them and pink them to market to women, IDA Sports doesn’t. IDA uses foot molds based on a woman’s anatomy and they were the first soccer cleat designer to do so.

Women have narrower heels, higher arches, and a broader toe bed. Plus, we’re more susceptible to ACL injuries because of our anatomy. IDA takes all those factors into consideration to create thoughtfully designed soccer shoes. If you want to read a full review on IDA cleats, you can get the lowdown here.

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5. Golf Cooler Bag

Yes, technically, you’re not supposed to bring your own cooler to the golf course, but it’s a rule most of us break. If you’re one of us rulebreakers, you’ll love this nifty cooler gadget. I know I’m pretty obsessed with mine.

It slides right into the side of your golf bag, making it very discreet. Pop six cans of your beverage of choice, along with an ice pack ( I use the reusable ones), and you’re good to go! The zipper is streamlined with your zippered golf bag pocket, so the drinks are easily accessible from the cooler.

6. Water Bottle With Hidden Snack Compartment

As an athlete, hydrating is important. But sometimes you need a snack, too. With this handy water bottle, you can stash some almonds, trail mix, or whatever snack you desire. It’ll even fit two granola bars!

This is a great idea for athletes who have a laundry list of gear and gadgets to bring with them to sporting events, as it’s one less item to have to remember to bring. As someone who’s forgotten shin guards, socks, golf tees—you name it–the less I have to pack, the better.

7. Pocket Drone

The HOVERAir X1 is sometimes described as the iPhone of drones. This gadget is pretty easy to use, can fit in your pocket, and looks sleek. That being said, when it comes to capturing sports scenes, it’s not really suited for team sports. But, if you’re a mountain biker, cyclist, runner, or something along those lines, it’s a great option to film you doing your thing. Start with it in the palm of your hand, and it will take off and follow you on your path.

8. Pickleball And Paddle Carrier

As an athlete, convenience and ingenuity factor heavily in our lives. If we can consolidate our crap–I mean gear–we are instantly happier. This pickleball kit carrier makes transporting your gear a whole lot easier. It carries your paddle and balls and has a pocket for smaller items. Throw it over your shoulder or crossbody, and you’re good to go.

9. Five-Hour Cooling Towel

If you’ve ever played (or watched) a sports game on a hot day with the sun blazing down on you, you know how overheated you can feel. Pouring cold water on your head helps–for a minute. But then you’re right back to feeling hot again.

This cooling towel lasts up to 5 hours! Plus, it has a UPF 50+ rating to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s pretty large at nearly 30 inches, but you can cut it down to your preferred size. It’s great for golfing, soccer, baseball/softball, football, tennis, pickleball, or just about any outdoor sport you might play.

10. Baseball Bat With Built-In Sensor

The melding of technology with sports gear is gadget-paradise if done right. Marucci’s new Smart Bat has an integrated sensor that never requires charging and records more than 100 swings, even if it’s not connected to the associated app. Connect to the app via Bluetooth, and you’ll have access to even more options, like coaching or games and challenges.

As of now, this is a limited-release bat, so grab it now if you want it.

11. Feminine-Health Focused Athletic Leggings

OYA Femtech touts its leggings as patent-pending and designed to ward off urinary tract issues like yeast infections and BV. OYA uses breathable, toxic-free materials that wick away moisture. Many athletic wear companies manufacture products with a host of toxic chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin.

Fun tip: if you have a flexible spending or health savings account (FSA/HSA), you can use it toward the purchase of OYA Femtech gear.

12. Innovative Comms System

There are certain sports where being able to communicate with your fellow athletes would come in handy. Like snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, and cycling. Well, Cardo has literally entered the chat.

This discreet comms system attaches to any helmet or sports gear, connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and allows you to speak to your fellow athletes via its voice-controlled intercom system. The range is up to .6 miles from your fellow Cardo wearers. Talk time is up to 10 hours. And if the sound of nature isn’t your jam, you can play some music on your Cardo that will get the beats moving.

13. Smart Swim Goggles

If you’re looking for a gadget to up your swimming game, check ou the FORM Smart Swim Goggles. They feature in-goggle metrics so you can see your stats in real time while you swim. You can view things like time, distance, stroke rate, and pace. You can even get workout plans integrated directly into the goggles.

The FORM goggles sync up with their app, so you’ll be able to view your analytics post-swim as well.

14. Gym Towel With Accessory Pocket

This towel is a handy gadget to have around if you’re one of those people who carries a phone, car keys, and/or workout gloves with you to the gym. Rather than having to scoop those items up each time you move to a different piece of equipment, you can drop them right into the pocket of this gym towel. It even has a zipper so your stuff won’t fall out and fly all over the place. The towel is inexpensive and adds an extra level of efficiency to your gym routine.

15. Tennis Racket Salad Servers

No doubt you’ll ace it at the dinner table when you serve up the salad with these cool utensils. A novelty gadget for sure, but one that will make an impression on your fellow tennis players.

16. Sporty Bling For Plant-Based Athletes

Full disclosure: I’ve been vegetarian for nearly 32 years, so this gadget pick is somewhat personal. This cuff bracelet is a cool way to show your plant-based athletic pride without being obnoxious about it.

17. High-Tech Hydration Sensor

The Flowbio hydration sensor is a techy sports gadget that takes what the Gatorade patch does and blasts it up a few notches. Not only does the Flowbio tell you how much fluid and sodium you’re losing, but it also recommends the exact amount of fluids and electrolytes you should take in to replace what you’ve lost for peak performance. It’s a pricier gadget than a patch, but it’s reusable and helpful for those who really want to monitor their sports training efforts.

18. Workout Bands For Home & Travel

If you like the idea of being able to carry your whole gym in one small bag, check out Rubberbanditz. Their high-quality bands are perfect for athletes who travel or like to bring their gym routine to a park or even work out at home with minimal space and gear.

Rubberbanditz has bands for just about any exercise you can think of. While there are plenty of companies that make similar-looking bands, not many can compete with the quality or lifetime warranty of Rubberbanditz. If your band ever snaps, they’ll replace it for free.

19. Sneaker Grip Spray

If you play your sport on indoor surfaces, whether it’s volleyball, basketball, fencing, pickleball, racquetball, or something similar, you’ve probably experienced slipping. Sometimes, it’s the fault of not well-maintained courts. Sometimes, it’s the fault of your shoes.

Adding a grip spray to the bottom of your shoes can enhance your performance for either of the aforementioned situations. Spray it on, and the tackiness will instantly improve your grip on surfaces, possibly minimizing injury. Check out our full review on EDGE Sneaker Grip Spray for in-depth details.

Follow the link to EDGE’s website below or use code ADULTSPLAYSPORTS for an additional 10 percent off your purchase.

20. Rearview Eyeglasses

There are a few versions of rearview gadgets for cyclists, but they certainly don’t help your cool factor. Rather than having to attach some type of mirror to your glasses or helmet, HindSight integrates mirrors right into the lenses of their glasses

The HindSight’s aren’t only a cool gadget; they increase your safety as a cyclist by giving you a better idea of your surroundings from a nearly instant 360-degree view while you’re on your bike.

21. Synthetic Ice Hockey Kit

Maybe you don’t have an ice rink near you, but you still want to practice your hockey skills. Maybe you want to practice in your underwear at 3 a.m. in your garage or basement. These synthetic tiles let you do just that. Use your regular ice skates and practice your slap shots anytime you want. They aren’t cheap, but if you have the cash, this is a great way to have fun on “ice” in the comfort of your own home.

22. Sports-Themed Rolling Pins

While not a must-have gadget, these sports-themed rolling pins are a fun novelty. Surprise your teammates with a batch of cookies embossed with your favorite sports balls.

23. Weighted Training Basketball

If you’re looking to level up your basketball skills, a weighted training basketball can help. The weight will help strengthen fingers, wrists, and forearms. Using a heavier basketball for practice drills can also improve your passing, dribbling, and ball-handling skills, making you quicker when you go back to using a regulation basketball.

The POWERHANDZ weighted basketball is 3 pounds and rates highly with its users.

24. Vanilla-Scented Athlete Candle

Let’s face it: we all get a bit stinky after playing sports. Light up this athlete-inspired vanilla candle to drown out your sweaty aroma before you hit the shower.