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glass bottle of EDGE shoe sole grip spray

The Sneaker Grip Spray That Will Give You An Edge: Our Review

glass bottle of EDGE shoe sole grip spray

EDGE Shoe Sole Grip


  • 2 fluid ounces
  • Non-toxic
  • 300 sprays per bottle


Pros and Cons

Gear Tester Bio

Kei is a 42-year-old adult athlete and coach. He plays basketball, volleyball, lifts weights, and dabbles in tennis. Kei has also coached basketball for more than 20 years, and works with athletes of all levels.

The Review

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Ahhhh, the squeaky sound of shoes on a gym court floor is music to the ears of athletes who play indoor basketball, volleyball, pickleball, or futsal. Not hearing that familiar squeak can mean the soles of your shoes aren’t getting enough grip. And that, my friends, can lead to slipping and injuries. One way to prevent that is by using a grip spray for shoes, like EDGE, to improve and extend the grip on your court shoes.

In this review of EDGE, our adult athlete, Kei, not only tested out the sneaker spray himself, but he also got feedback from a lot of the athletes he works with who used it as well. You’ll hear the honest feedback you’re looking for from both Kei and those athletes in this review.

Bottle of EDGE sneaker grip spray next to a usage instruction card
EDGE sneaker grip spray and instruction card

Sneaker Grip Problems And Solutions

The Problem

Kei points out that losing grip on court surfaces can be the result of a couple of different factors: the shoes or the court.

If the soles of your shoes are worn down, the likelihood of you slipping on the court increases exponentially. And if you’re not wearing the proper footwear for the sport you’re playing and for the surface you’re playing on, again, slippage is all but inevitable.

But, if you’re wearing the proper shoes for basketball, volleyball, pickleball, racquetball, or even fencing, the surface you’re playing on can be your nemesis if not properly maintained.

Let’s face it, we’re adult athletes, but not NBA-level adult athletes, which means we often play our sports on less-than-pristine courts. And that can mean dusty surfaces and oily surfaces. And, if you’re playing hard, sweaty surfaces. Even the perfect pair of shoes won’t save you from slipping under those circumstances.

(By the way, if you want to get some tips on learning to play basketball as an adult, check out our post on just that topic!)

The Solutions

Besides getting drafted into the NBA, where you’ll have dedicated floor cleaners to mop the courts nearly every time a drop of sweat hits the floor (probably why those moppers earn an average of 80k per year), you have a couple of other options when it comes to less slip and more grip.

You probably don’t have much say when it comes to the maintenance of the court surface you’re playing on, but you can control the surface of what’s on your feet.

Proper Footwear

Remember all that talk earlier of wearing the proper shoes? Well, part of what factors into ensuring the best grip is the tread pattern on the soles of your shoes. Things like a herringbone design, deeper tread depth, and wider tread distance can all be beneficial to increased grip. And yes, there was an actual study on this, and yes, I actually read it because I’m a nerd.

One of the other interesting notes in that study is the results from a survey they conducted. In that survey, 70 percent of participants felt suboptimal floor conditions “can hinder the aggressiveness they might play with affecting how an individual may cut or move, or how fast they may be willing to try to play.”1

Spray and Stay

“You sometimes see people on courts who are constantly licking their hands and fingers and then wiping the bottom of their shoes to get a better grip,” says Kei. The benefits of that are very short-lived.

A better option, says Kei, is to use a sneaker grip spray solely (pun intended) designed for the purpose of getting better traction on indoor courts. “There are a few options on the market,” notes Kei. “Be sure to check application methods because some of the shoe grip sprays require using a large, bulky mat or a special glove as part of the application process. That’s inconvenient and adds another step.”

EDGE is a quick and easy-to-apply sneaker spray that Kei has positive things to say about.

“The application is extremely simple,” says Kei. “Just spray the bottom of your shoes, allow about 30 seconds max drying time, stomp your feet to activate, and you’re good to go.”

Get A Grip With EDGE

shipping package of EDGE shoe grip spray that includes the spray, an EDGE sticker, and a thank you card
Unboxing EDGE Spray Package

The Science Behind EDGE

EDGE was formulated by a materials scientist whose mission it was to create an effective, easy-to-apply, non-toxic sneaker grip spray that would minimize on-court slipping injuries. It’s meant to improve grip on dusty surfaces, which can be common in recreational sports leagues.

After testing different materials, EDGE’s scientist, Zach Keck, developed the proprietary formula offered today. EDGE claims a 25 percent increase in sneaker grip, which they say leads to better control agility on certain indoor surfaces. EDGE validates this claim by using something called a force sensor to test their spray on sneakers in a lab setting.

Since non-toxicity is important to the folks at EDGE and should be to you as well, the formula incorporates a biodegradable green solvent. That solvent serves two purposes–it accelerates drying time and is VOC-exempt. VOCs are volatile organic compounds that evaporate in the air, which, particularly in an indoor setting, can make for dangerous breathing.

EDGE grip spray meets EPA’s Safer Choice standards, which means you can feel safe using it on your shoes and if it comes in contact with your skin.

If you spray it on your skin, it doesn’t feel tacky. You feel the coating, but it isn’t extreme.

When And Where To Use EDGE

Kei already explained the quick application process, but we’ll delve a little further into some additional details about using EDGE. EDGE says its effects are most noticeable within the initial 15 minutes of use, and the company suggests reapplication during any breaks if you feel the grip wearing off. They also claim the effects of EDGE sneaker spray are cumulative, and as you reapply, the formula will last longer over time.

The Real-Life Feedback On How Long EDGE Spray Lasts

Kei got feedback directly from All-American volleyball players from Top 10 schools he’s worked with, and overall they were impressed with EDGE spray but had different experiences with how long the product lasted after each use.

“The players receive the same brand and model of Nike shoes,” explains Kei. “Athletes from one school told me the spray only lasted 20-25 mins for them, while athletes at another school said that it lasted them a whole two-hour practice/workout.”

Edge Spray ad 300x250

“Both are receiving the same exact shoes, and they’re top-of-the-line Nike shoes,” Kei continues. “Is it the actual product, or is it the shoes that’s causing such a drastic difference of effectiveness (20-25 mins to 2 hours)?”

Kei also notices different shoes have different reactions to EDGE spray, which he attributes to different brands and shoe models using different materials. “Shoes will be made of different rubber materials unique to that specific model of shoe, so I’ve seen different longevity in different models, but that can also have to do with the age of the shoe and style of play,” he says.

Just for fun, Kei tried EDGE on a pair of 5-year-old basketball sneakers. While he felt a little grip, it wasn’t much or long-lasting. But he blames that on the age of his shoes, not on the spray.

Best Surfaces For EDGE Sneaker Grip Spray

Typical indoor sports surfaces like hardwood, tile, or vinyl are most optimal for using EDGE spray. You probably won’t notice much in the way of outdoor surfaces like concrete.

Kei’s testing was done on hardwood, where it performed well, but he said other factors like the age and condition of the surface and the maintenance of the court will determine the effectiveness of EDGE spray.

“It would be interesting to see how EDGE performs on playing surfaces like the high-tech Taraflex courts commonly used in D1 and international volleyball, as well as rubber courts and plastic snap-together courts.”

Sports That Can Benefit From Sneaker Grip Spray

The use cases for EDGE shoe spray run the gamut, but here’s a quick lowdown of many of them:

  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Volleyball
  • Pickleball
  • Futsal
  • Squash
  • Racquetball
  • Fencing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Dance

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As mentioned earlier, there are products like sticky mats to help with grip. They can certainly help, but it’s an extra piece of bulky gear you’ve got to remember to bring to games or practices.

There are also other grip sprays, like Grip Spritz, but they require application with a mitt. Of all the competitive grip sprays I researched, EDGE was the only one I saw that met the EPA Safer Choice standard.

How Long Will One Bottle Of EDGE Grip Spray Last?

According to the company, a two-ounce bottle of EDGE spray will last about 50 sport sessions. At an average of three sessions a week, you should get about four months of use out of each bottle. Cost-wise, it’s about 70 cents per session.

Potential Downsides

Price Point

This is probably the biggest negative about EDGE spray. At $35 per bottle, it’s priced higher than its competitors. But with a current promotion that offers free shipping and a money-back guarantee, it’s certainly worth trying out–you’ve got nothing to lose. And since it’s the only one with the EPA Safer Choice standard labeling, it can give you additional peace of mind about spraying it on your skin or around kids or pets.

I also didn’t find any claims from the competitive brands about the percentage they increase grip. EDGE was the only one that showed data from testing that claims a 25% increase in grip.

Breaking EDGE spray down to a 70-cents-per-session cost also makes the price much more palatable.


Depending on who you talk to, the packaging of EDGE spray can be a positive or a negative. EDGE spray comes in a two-ounce glass bottle. It’s easy to transport–throw the bottle inside your shoes, and you won’t forget to apply EDGE to your shoes when you take them out of your gym bag.

Since the bottle is glass, it’s prone to breaking. The bottle feels pretty sturdy, though, so you’d have to drop it pretty hard for it to break. On the positive side, using glass instead of plastic is more eco-friendly and better for the environment.

Not that this matters much, but the EDGE packaging is aesthetically top-notch compared to other brands.

Kei’s Final Thoughts On EDGE Sneaker Grip Spray

Kei thinks EDGE spray can give athletes additional confidence in their sport because they can worry less about injuring themselves from slipping.

“Besides enhancing practically any agility movement, players can relax and not worry so much about the condition of the court surface or accidentally slipping and falling,” says Kei. “Players can give 110% at full speed without hesitation.”

He concludes, “I highly recommend athletes of all indoor sports, ages, and playing levels to consider using EDGE spray.”

You can get your bottle of EDGE sneaker grip spray here. You’ll get an additional 10% off by using this link as well.

And don’t forget, if you’re looking to join an adult basketball, volleyball, or or other league, you can find a league near you in our sports directory.


Groningen, D.V. (2016). Effects of outsole shoe patterns on athletic performance.


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