What started as kind of a joke about playing kickball as an adult ended up becoming a career for Brent Wentworth. He now manages one of CLUBWAKA’s most successful adult social sports leagues in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Brent first participated in a CLUBWAKA kickball game on a whim after a friend of his invited him to join. He was a bit incredulous that kickball for adults even existed. He played one game and was hooked.

CLUBWAKA Puts Adult Kickball On The Map

man in lime green shirt with one leg raised after just kicking a kickball
CLUBWAKA member kicking off

That feeling has hooked plenty of other adults, too. CLUBWAKA started in the late nineties when a couple of college buddies wanted to recapture the feeling of their youth, so they started a casual adult kickball league. It caught on like wildfire.

CLUBWAKA now has about 30 locations nationwide. While kickball is still the flagship sport of the league, it also offers additional co-ed adult sports. Those sports differ at each location but include things like dodgeball, flag football, volleyball, and more.

CLUBWAKA also injects more fun into the league by organizing social events, like happy hours. This gives members a chance to socialize off the field and get to know each other even better.

This formula for adult social sports leagues works. The proof is in the countless lifelong friendships formed, in addition to a myriad of marriage proposals.

CLUBWAKA Hampton Roads Is More Than A Sports League

blonde woman kicking a kickball while a brunette woman stands nearby
CLUBWAKA ladies playing kickball

Brent is one of those who can credit his marriage to CLUBWAKA. While playing kickball in the league, he met his now-wife. Because of his great experience as a CLUBWAKA athlete, Brent jumped at the opportunity to manage the Hampton Roads location after he lost his corporate gig in the banking industry eight years ago.

“I felt like WAKA gave me so much that this was an opportunity for me to give back to CLUBWAKA, and then also spread it to more people so they could have the same experience I had because what’s better than that?” says Brent.

Under Brent’s leadership, CLUBWAKA Hampton Roads has grown steadily since the dissipation of COVID. The league currently offers adult flag football, bowling, cornhole, softball, volleyball, and its legacy sport, kickball. Pickleball could be on deck next.

Brent notes what sets his league apart from other adult sports leagues is the people who are part of the organization.

“My team, our league managers–they just do a good job. They really care about what they do,” emphasizes Brent. “We’re here to connect people and make friends. The sports are just the excuse to get to that end result.”

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Open To All Ages And Levels Of Athleticism (Even None)

Man in lime green t-shirt catching a kickball while holding a can of beer
Juggling sports skills with social skills

While CLUBWAKA attracts adults who played sports growing up, it also welcomes those who have never played a sport in their lives. The focus is more on the fun than hardcore competition.

Age ranges vary at CLUBWAKA Hampton Roads. Sports like flag football and soccer tend to trend younger, averaging mid-twenties. Sports like cornhole and bowling average players closer to age forty. Their oldest player? A cornhole player in his eighties.

Kickball remains their most popular sport, but bowling and volleyball also stack up in popularity.

Word Gets Around

man in dark green t-shirt and black shorts on grassy field giving thumbs up sign
A happy CLUBWAKA member

The fact that CLUBWAKA Hampton Roads’ biggest growth driver is from word-of-mouth referrals is a testament to what its members think of the league. (If you are or were a CLUBWAKA member, let others know what you think of the league by reviewing them here).

FOMO (fear of missing out) is another growth driver. People see images and videos of adults playing sports on social media and realize it looks like a blast of fun. So they then take a leap of faith and join a league like CLUBWAKA to get in on the action.

How You Can Get In On The CLUBWAKA Action

To join CLUBWAKA Hampton Roads, or any of their other locations, you can visit their website. Each location will list its site-specific sports offerings. You simply sign up for whatever sport you want to play and show up on event day. Those who sign up when registration first opens get the best price.

And if you’re feeling any apprehension about joining because you don’t think you’re sporty enough, you’re exactly who this league was designed for.

“If you’re concerned about performance, don’t be. That’s not what it’s about,” says Brent. “It’s really about getting out there and moving and meeting people and just having a good time.”

If CLUBWAKA isn’t in your area, but you still want to find an adult sports league, you can search for one in our online directory.