Our Story

Mercer County Ultimate Disc League was founded in 1977 and is the world’s oldest recreational league. What started as a summer league/pick up game has grown to become an established, fun, competitive league that focuses on promoting the sport, supporting good causes and helping local communities. MCUDL strives to create a fun, teaching atmosphere for new players while cultivating competitive games for all skill levels. Above all, MCUDL’s mission is to uphold the spirit of the game and run a league that is fun for all.

MCUDL runs three outdoor summer leagues that are played at Mercer County Park fields on Quakerbridge Road, Hamilton, New Jersey (coordinates 40.273824, -74.66940). Our mixed draft league welcomes players of all levels, with each team playing one or two games per week. Teams are drafted by captains every season and players can baggage with one other player to ensure that they are drafted together. The format is 5/2 or 4/3 depending on the teams. Our A league team consists of established teams and brings a very high level of play, with teams playing every Tuesday. This league does not involve drafting; individual players need to be accepted onto an established team to play. Our women’s league is new, just having started in the summer of 2014. This league promotes the sport to women and allows a fun learning environment for women players of all skill levels.

When there is enough participation, MCUDL runs indoor leagues during the fall, winter and early spring at a local indoor arena. The indoor leagues provide an opportunity for players to play all year and are a fun, competitive fast-paced game. Games are 5 vs. 5 and are a 3/2 format. Subbing is on the fly, play is continuous with the exception of a half time and games are timed with each team playing an average of 3 games per night.

MCUDL also runs an annual hat tournament in early December known as Mercer Midnight Madness. The tournament is held at the same indoor arena that holds our indoor leagues and is an overnight tournament, typically played from midnight until 7am the following day. Teams are 5 vs. 5 with a mandatory ratio of 3/2.