Ever wonder how a new sport gets its start? Of course, they all start with an idea, but putting ideas into action is what really helps a new sport gain traction.

And so begins the story of the unique sport of JetBall. Luce Harrell, a lifetime resident of Jacksonville, Florida, and lover of all things sports, came up with the idea for JetBall by wanting to stick with the most action-packed aspects of his favorite sports and blending them all together.

Take the slower parts of football and basketball out of the game–like field goals and free throws–and focus on the more actionable offensive and defensive plays, and Luce thinks it’s more exciting all around. JetBall, he says, combines a bit of football, basketball, and even soccer and gives adult athletes an opportunity to test their athletic prowess.

What Are The Rules Of This New Sport And How Is It Played?

Guys playing the new sport of JetBall
A pickup game of JetBall in Jacksonville

JetBall is played on a rectangular space separated by a midline. Each end of the field is flanked by a scorer’s box. JetBall teams are made up of runners and scorers and the objective is for the runners to move a small ball downfield in their hands.

The runners pass to one another, keeping the ball in motion. The objective is to get to the opposing team’s scorers box, where the scorers attempt to catch the ball to score points. Defensive players attempt to guard the scorer’s box to block points.

The basic premise of JetBall is very similar to football, but there are also traveling rules like there are in basketball, and players defend a scorer’s box similarly to defending a goal in soccer. JetBall is a great option for the adult athlete who likes a competitive, fast-paced sport but not necessarily full contact. There is no tackling or holding.

The Inspiration For The New Sport Of JetBall

Headshot of Luce the creator of the new sport of JetBall
Luce Harrell, JetBall Creator

Luce created the new sport of JetBall about five years ago. His inspiration came after watching an NBA finals game where he got bored watching some of the free throws. That is, until LeBron James and one of his teammates grabbed the ball after a free throw, threw the ball downcourt on a fast break, and scored a layup.

“I’m like, I wish basketball was like that all the time,” recalls Luce. “Maybe I should just make up my own sport because I’d want to do something like that. That seems fun.”

And so Luce began laying the groundwork for JetBall and writing down the rules. Then, he put those rules into action and realized he could make this a legitimate sport. He tweaked a few things and then started promoting JetBall to the community.

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Small City Start. Big Future Dreams for JetBall.

Luce holds regular JetBall games in Jacksonville at various locations around the city. Right now, he sees it as a way to give back to the community. But what are dreams if they aren’t allowed to be big?

“As far as my crazy dream, I would like to it be an actual professional league,” says Luce. “I mean, it’s not impossible. Basketball started 120 years ago, and look where it is now.”

Try This New Sport Yourself

If you’re in the Jacksonville area and want to check out JetBall, you can find the contact info in our directory. Or you can give JetBall a follow on Instagram. And if you’re interested in starting a league in your area, reach out to Luce via Instagram.