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Rival Professional Football League

Rival Professional Football League

The RPFL is a professional football league that provides adult football players an opportunity to gain more experience while attaining great quality game film that can be used to market them to the NFL and CFL. Each team in the RPFL will compete for 3 regular season games and 1 possible championship game during the 2022 season. The top two teams from each state will then move on to compete in a televised League championship game after the regular season.

The Atlanta Sting, Cobb County Kings, Georgia Power and Peachtree Heat will compete in Georgia from November to December. The Miami Blaze, Atlantic Sharks, Florida Wolves and South Beach Silverbacks will compete in Florida from February to March. The Detroit Cougars, Oakland County Racers, Michigan Bearcats and Pontiac Generals will compete in Michigan from August to September.

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