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Nashville Sports Leagues

Nashville Sports Leagues

I am new to NSL and I want to play, how do I find more information about upcoming leagues? (For example: Coed Flag Football, Winter season)
From the NSL home page, select "Play" to view "Upcoming Leagues." Leagues are listed under their respective sport. Click the yellow links to dial into more detailed information about each league.

What level of play is good for me?
If a league is listed as super social it is designed for beginners (less than 3 seasons of the sport of choice experience) or falling in the bottom of your past leagues. It will also have rule modifications to make the game more focused on having fun rather than competition. Most of our leagues with 12 or more teams will use swiss scheduling. This method will make weekly schedules that are based on results from your previous game(s) played and keep the skill level of most games a lot closer than random scheduling. NSL leagues listed as doubles in softball are for those of a competitive nature.

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