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Beer League Players Association (BLPA)

Beer League Players Association (BLPA)

The BLPA is the home of adult "athletes." Our mission is to connect the world with sports and make the world a better place by playing them together.

We are an extension of the dressing room, the locker room, the local pub. Have you ever noticed that when professional athletes retire the one thing they always say they miss is “the team” and “the locker room”. Our aim is to take the joy, the love, the camaraderie, the caring for your “team” and share it with the world.

Our community is being built in hockey rinksgolf course, and ball diamonds while hosting beer league tournaments all over the globe, from Jersey to Japan. We also have a media side with podcasts and blogs.  You can usually find us BLPA staffers in a parking lot, adult beverage in hand, dreaming about way to get more beer leaguers involved in our special crew.

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