Fast and Furious On The Track AND The (Soccer) Field

Kristy posing with track shoes and soccer ball

Some of us are born track and field athletes or soccer players. But for one woman, finding her niche in running as a teenager was serendipitous. Her venture into soccer at age 46 can be described as nothing but purposeful. If anyone thinks starting a sport later in life is impossible, the story of Kristy … Read more

IDA Soccer Cleats: Honest Review By A Female Player

IDA Cleats

Take a soccer cleat designed around a man’s foot. Shrink it. Pink it. Sell it to women and girls. That’s been the standard protocol for women’s and girls’ soccer cleats offerings–until IDA hit the scene.  IDA is the only company to design soccer boots specifically for the female foot anatomy. I’ll tell you why that’s important … Read more

For Love of the Game: How One Woman’s Love for Playing Soccer Became a Business

soccer women lined up in a row with arms across each other's shoulders

The fact that soccer has woven itself into nearly every aspect of Brandi Mitchell’s life wasn’t by design. Instead, it has been more of a series of fortuitous events. Brandi, the founder of San Diego Soccer Women and Soccer Women Play, has become a prominent figure in the world of women’s recreational soccer–not only in … Read more

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