Tired Of Mainstream Sports? Try These For Something New.

Playing mainstream sports like soccer or basketball is popular with adult athletes for a reason. But why not get out of your comfort zone and consider these 18 less-than-mainstream adult sports? Roller Derby Is On The Rise (But Still Not A Mainstream Sport) Roller derby is no joke. This high-intensity, full-contact sport requires coordination, stamina, … Read more

Adult Tennis: A New Approach to the Game

Hand holding tennis racket

Seeing an adult tennis player isn’t unusual. They aren’t quite the same unicorns as adult roller derby-ers. But if you’re an adult who wants to play tennis for the first time, you might not know how or where to start. Maybe you played tennis in the past, are a bit rusty, and want to get … Read more

34 Adult Sports Camps: The Ultimate List For Your Inner Athlete

This is the most comprehensive list of adult sports camps you’ll find anywhere. Whether you’re looking for sport-specific training to improve your skills or a fantasy sports camp experience, this list has it. Who says sports camps just have to be for kids? Not us! We cover every type of adult sports camp including volleyball, … Read more

For Love of the Game: How One Woman’s Love for Playing Soccer Became a Business

The fact that soccer has woven itself into nearly every aspect of Brandi Mitchell’s life wasn’t by design. Instead, it has been more of a series of fortuitous events. Brandi, the founder of San Diego Soccer Women and Soccer Women Play, has become a prominent figure in the world of women’s recreational soccer–not only in … Read more

Need a Mental Health Boost? Recreational Sports Might Be The Cure.

Besides the benefit of physical fitness, playing sports as an adult is an incredible way to stay mentally fit. Mental health benefits apply in particular to recreational sports players, from the beginner adult recreational athlete to the weekend warrior. Coming out of a time when our worlds were turned upside down and mental health challenges … Read more

Recreational Softball and Baseball: A Beginner’s Guide

Bet you can’t name a sport more ubiquitous throughout corporate offices across America than adult recreational softball. Baseball, the sexier older cousin of softball, is, of course, America’s favorite pastime. Whether you’re already an athlete or maybe just want to be one when you grow up, adult rec softball and baseball leagues offer something for … Read more

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